Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Greens call for action on illegal fireworks and fires at Castle Hill

Sue Lee-Richards & Cllr Andrew Cooper at Castle Hill

Following fires that set alight large sections of gorse at Castle Hill on November 4th Green Campaigners Sue Lee-Richards and Cllr Andrew Cooper called on Kirklees to enforce the Public Space Protection Order at Castle Hill that banned fireworks, fires, barbecues and flying lanterns. A fine of £75 can be issued to anyone breaking the ban.

Sue said, “What is the point of placing a rule forbidding something and then not following through and enforcing it?”

Councillor Andrew Cooper agreed, “It took Labour nearly 2 years following a successful Green Party motion at Kirklees Council to implement the ban. The lack of any enforcement at all at Castle Hill does not give the public confidence. People love Castle Hill but the authorities need to protect it.”

Andrew and Sue helped local volunteers clear up used fireworks from around Castle Hill after Bonfire Night on the 6th of November

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