Sunday, 4 March 2018

Green Councillors produce 'Reported' stickers for flytipped items

Green Party Cllr Karen Allison with a fridge reported for collection on Edale Avenue, Newsome

Green Councillor Karen Allison has come up with a simple initiative to place 'Reported' stickers on large dumped items such as fridges, sofas and mattresses to let people know it has been reported for collection.

Councillor Karen Allison said

"We report a good number of bulky items of waste left by the kerbside, in verges and in the undergrowth to Kirklees. These are reported to us by residents or we see them ourselves as we are going around the area. Due to cuts the Council can take a long time to respond quickly to the many requests we make to have these items removed so people can naturally report the same item a number of times which can cause duplication and confusion. If people see these stickers they will know that it has been reported for collection even if it takes a bit longer than we would all like. If this inititaive in the Newsome Ward is successful we will try to get it adopted more widely across Kirklees hopefully saving time and money."

The stickers have been produced by the Green Party at no public expense.

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  1. This is a really good idea. Well done Cllr Karen Allison; hope this is widely adopted.