Thursday, 22 March 2018

Green Councillors defend Taylor Hill green space from development.

A proposal was due to be submitted to the Kirklees Labour Cabinet for their meeting on the 20th of March to put forward a number of sites for potential housing development across Kirklees.

These sites included the land between Mansion Gardens and Blue Bell Hill in Taylor Hill and the former Stile Common School site at Primrose Hill. They have referred to this as ‘soft market testing’.

Following representations by Green Councillors the item has been withdrawn and will be deferred to a future Cabinet meeting. probably after the Local Elections in May.

Councillor Karen Allison said “The land off Mansion Gardens is a valued amenity space and we opposed its inclusion in the Local Plan and so we opposed it being put forward for potential development now.”

Councillor Andrew Cooper has previously liaised with residents at Malvern Rise and Plane Street over the future of the Stile Common School site. He said, “ I am quite clear that we had an agreement with Kirklees that no further action would occur before there had been consultation with residents over any proposals.

“I would include this ‘soft market testing exercise’ in that agreement. We will continue to keep a close eye on this issue”.

Green Councillors have submitted their objections to the proposals and will keep local people informed of developments.


  1. Thanks Andrew and the team for all the hard work you put in for Newsome Ward.

  2. What about the space where the old house sat? The house was knocked down years ago and now has turned into an eye sore that's growing wild. Is that what is being defended or is that going to eventually be developed?

  3. It shouold be eventually be developed as the land has been granted Planning permission. We agree it is an eyesore and our understanding is that the developer has gone bust which is why it has lain undeveloped. Please get in touch by email and we'll try and dig out some more information for you.