Thursday, 17 August 2017

A Levels - Your grades don't define you.

Shortly after the dawn of time, as primitive life made its way onto the shores of the virgin Earth I received my A Level results. Pretty fair to say that they were embarrassingly rubbish and reflected the time and effort I put into achieving those grades. Me and my mate Jim Griffiths often arrived late back at Greenhead College following a heavy drinking and pool session at The Grove Pub. The Grove then wasn't the real ale emporium of today but had chemical Stones bitter on tap (not hand pulled) at 50p/pint and a pool table. We'd arrive back for History or English late and end up having to skip out for an emergency pee after half an hour or so. So the results shouldn't have been a surprise. I was offered North Staffs Polytechnic to study Politics and International Relations or North London. I opted for Stafford. In Stafford I discovered the beer was an amazing 45p/pint. Fortunately half way through my degree I took 3 years out to work for the old Liberal Party as a Political Agent. I went back as someone with more knowledge of life and with a greater appreciation of the value of education. I still went to the bar but I spent a lot more time in the library and put much more effort and thought into my work. I ended up with a 2.1 and a First in my dissertation. So A level grades didn't define me, nor do they necessarily dictate your path in life. It is just important that young people are given many routes to achieve their personal goals and have a good chance of a happy and fulfilling life be that through education or work or vocational training or whatever and at different points in their young lives. 

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