Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Walking the No Fracking Way - Wednesday 8th March to Sunday 12th March

It's a 5 day mission to boldly walk from the Yorkshire Fracking site at Kirby Misperton to the Lancashire Fracking site at Preston New Road in Blackpool.
A core group of Green Party activists will walk the 120 miles between the 2 points starting on Wednesday 8th March and finishing on Sunday 12th March. Along the way we will be highlighting the dangers of Fracking to local communities and the global environment. We will also be talking about the alternatives  to Fracking such as energy efficiency programmes for existing and new homes,  renewable energy for communities and also at scale.

It is a tough walk but we're hoping to meet lots of people along the way raise the profile of community campaigns against Fracking and the importance of electing politicians who will consistently oppose Fracking in Yorkshire, Lancashire and everywhere beyond.

Symbolically we'll be carrying some soil from near the fracking site in Kirby Misperton to Preston New Rd. As soil from Yorkshire is deposited at the fracking site in Lancashire we'll emphasise that the assault on the environment at one site is an assault on us all and that the aims of the protectors in Lancashire are shared by Yorkshire Anti Fracking activists and thousands of campaigners across the world.

There will be daily video diaries of our march (in March) across the North of England and evening meetings at each point along the way. It is undoubtedly a challenge and one I approach with a certain amount of trepidation as a 52 year old man who could do with losing a bit more than a pound or two! I've always felt that if things are hard to achieve they will have more meaning if you actually achieve them and so it is with this particular challenge. Bring it on!


  1. We wish you fair weather, good company and success in highlighting that fracking is not wanted by the majority of people in Lancashire, Yorkshire and many other countries. So good luck on your journey.

  2. Great initiative and I hope all goes well, but why are we ignoring the Misson Springs site - 4 miles outside South Yorkshire and more northerly than Sheffield)?

  3. David. Its purely time really. This 5 day walk is going to be a tough challenge. Happy to find other ways of bringing attention to Mission Springs.

  4. All the best Andrew. Hope it's going well. This is an excellent idea and wish I had been able to join you.

    Al Williams