Wednesday, 1 February 2017

EU Committee of the Regions takes on Trump on Climate Change

Today the EU Committee of the Regions ENVE Commission agreed the following statement that I proposed on President Donald Trump's intention to abolish the US Climate Action Plan. This Plan is a key part of the USA's responsibilities as a signatory to the COP21 Paris Climate Treaty.
The ENVE Commission notes with concern the cancellation of the Climate Action Plan by the incoming Trump Administration and recognises that a lack of action on climate change by a large Country like the United States could negate the positive impact of much of the climate change mitigation work that EU Local and Regional Authorities are engaged in.

The CoR has a Memorandum of Understanding with the US Conference of Mayors.

The CoR ENVE Commission requests that the CoR contacts the US Conference of Mayors to determine their reaction to the Trump administration’s attitude and actions on Climate Change policy with the intention of making a strong statement in support of positive local and regional action on climate change in the United States.

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