Monday, 18 April 2016

Hunters Group, Lockwood - New Health and Safety concerns raised

Newsome Green Party Councillor  Andrew Cooper has raised new concerns about the health and safety practices of the Waste  Management Company - Hunters Group who are based at Queens Mill Road, Lockwood,

"Fencing and a wall around the Hunters Group site have been removed by Hunters Group to allow access to different parts of the site by a large tracked vehicle. This leaves their operation insecure and accessible to children. It appears that these boundaries have been taken down so the vehicle can move waste around within their site. To do this Hunters Group have allowed this vehicle to churn up the land around the Public Footpath linking Queens Mill Road with Lockwood Scar. I have witnessed myself the vehicle using Public Footpath on Friday last week."

"I have raised this matter with  Kirklees Officers who are already taking action in conjunction with the Environment Agency regarding noxious smells and noise nuisance coming from their premises. This causing ongoing misery to householders at Wood Terrace above their site. The issue has also beeen raised with teh haelth and Safety Executive."

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