Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Where you bin?

Dealing with contaminated and abandoned green bins is probably one of those very familiar issues that Councils have to deal with. I went out to see this one on Bell Street, Newsome today. The first thing I noticed was that it was incredibly heavy as if it was was filled with concrete of something. I then looked over the bin to see if I could see any clues as to which house on the street it belonged. It was then that I saw the Leeds City Council logos. So somehow or other this bin had made the 20 mile or so trip to Huddersfield. I get the impression that when Kirklees Waste pick it up that it will probably be kept as a trophy somewhere,an item for curiosity and comment at Vine Street Depot.  It could be held in case of a possible future bin hostage exchange with Leeds City Council if they get their hands on one of our bins. I'm envisaging a dramatic handover in the IKEA car park at Birstall on a misty morning involving council staff with walkie talkies.

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