Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The signs are good! (now)

  Green Councillor Andrew Cooper has done a 'spring clean' of the 'Welcome' signs in 2 parts of the Newsome Ward.

"The Welcome signs to Newsome and Berry Brow weren't particularly welcoming and covered with muck and green sap from nearby trees." said Councillor Cooper. "One approach would have been to ring Kirklees with a low priority request which may have got done a few weeks down the line with possibly a few reminder phone calls. It was much easier to get a bucket of warm soapy water and a step ladder and just do it. We've done this before with other signs around the area but these 2 had got really dirty. I'd encourage anyone who sees simple things in their area that will just take a few minutes to sort out to have a go. A lot of people do already and I often speak to people who pick up litter on their bit of street who make a tangible difference to their local community."

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  1. This is fantastic. You are making a difference and leading by example. Thanks