Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Residents back Community Orchard

Supporters of a small community orchard in Huddersfield gathered to express their support for the Local Plan proposal that would see their orchard protected as local green space. The community orchard on the corner of Wentworth Street and Mountjoy Road was considered as possible building land by Kirklees but has been used for a number of community events over the last 5 years and as a place for children to play.

Tom Taylor, chair of the Friends of Highfields Community Orchard said

"We created the orchard on a disused piece of land in 2010. We're delighted that the draft local plan recognises that it is important to local people as a place for play, community events and a space which brings us together."

The Kirklees local plan will describe how land will be used in Kirklees in coming years. The consultation ends on 1 Feb. Kirklees residents are encouraged to make their views known and the final decisions about land use will be made later this year.

Councillor Andrew Cooper said

"All credit to the local people for campaigning so hard over the last few years to save this land from development and making it a special space for the community. Hopefully we are nearly there now!"


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