Monday, 4 January 2016

Councillor Andrew Cooper - Photo Review of 2015

Kicked off the 2015 Election Year with an interview on the Daily Politics about crowdsurfed funding for election campaigning.

Nick Harvey, former and first Newsome Green Councillor came by at the beginning of the year to help with a clean up in Bluebell Woods

I spent some time helping Sheffield Greens last year in what was a target Constituency where we ended up in second place as the main challengers to Labour

I commenced my role as a member of the UK Delegation on the EU Committee of the Regions. I described it as like getting to know a whole new Council with its own culture, rules and ways of making it effective.

The Greens 2000 house solar PV programme kicked off with these properties in Mirfield. It was great to see a scheme that we initiated finally get off the ground.

It was our biggest ever Green Party Conference with more media attention than we were used to. Our Spring Conference was in Liverpool with close on 2000 Green Party delegates.

In Sheffield with Target Green Candidate Jillian Creasy and Aisling from CITU looking at Passivhaus Developments on Kelham Island. Promoting Passivhaus standards was to become my big policy project for 2015.

With Patrick Harvie MSP, Jillian Creasy, Green Candidate for Sheffield Central and Ross Greer of the Scottish Greens on a Manchester Tram on our way to the first General Election leader debates. We were the Green Party team in the 'Spin Room'  to give our views following the debate.

I was involved in launching the Green Party Manifesto by dealing with BBC Breakfast and News 24 interviews on the morning before the  official launch later in the day.

I represented the Green Party on theBBC Politics Show Energy and Climate Chamge debate. It was satisfying to tackle the Lib Dems on their abysmal record in Government.

I really enjoyed the many hustings for the General Election. This one was at the University of Huddersfield

In March I appeared on the BBC Daily Politics talking about a national survey that had carried out comparing the views of UKIP and Green Councillors. On the same programme Queen guitarist Brian May was talking about the need for ‘common decency’ and respect in local politics. Here’s I am outside the studio with Huntingdonshire UKIP Cllr Peter Reeve being ‘held back’ by Brian May. We were just having a bit of fun but Brian had a serious message to make about how politicians behave which more should take notice of.

I attended a summer do at Highfields Community Orchard with Cllr Karen Allison. This was the year that the Council decided to propose it as an Urban Greenspace in the Draft Local Plan.

In Brussels at the EU Committee of the Regions I called for fines imposed on VW to come back to local communities to support clean transport projects.

Longley Road Traffic Calming installed at last!

At Newsome Childrens Play Day

Recognising the positive work by the Muslim community in raising money for charity

The weight limit signs go up at Armitage Bridge

Green Cllrs from across Yorkshire respond to Regional Mayoral proposals

Judging the Mon Realm Gardening Competition

At the Stirley Farm Food Festival with Karen- great day!

At Green Party Conference in Bournemouth with other Green Cllrs from across the country and Cllr Marianne Overton Leader of teh Local Govt Association Independent Group

With Taylor Hill Road residents protesting against proposals from Kirklees to designate their gardens for housebuilding

At the opening of Turtle Bay with Cllr Julie Stewart Turner and staff

Being interviewed by the BBC as Newsome bowlers regain entry to their Bowling Green

Speaking in Paris France at the COP 21 European Forum on the role of Local Councils in addressing climate change

Yorkshire Greens walk to Paris Yorkshire in the rain

Newsome residents gather to express their opposition to development on fields adjacent to Newsome Rd/Jackroyd lane

With Karen and Julie as developers announce that work is to commence on Newsome Mills in 2016

Driving our Free Volunteer Boxing Day + New Years Day Minibus in its 23rd year of operation

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