Monday, 18 January 2016

Not my Government

Why is it that I can't relate to Cam and his pals?
Yet more cuts being passed down from the Goverment to Kirklees Council has made me ask myself what I actually think and feel about them.

I described them recently, and very deliberately as the 'Tories Government' what I meant by this was that they were representing themselves, their Party members views and to a certain extent their voters views but no one else really. They were elected by 24% of the electorate and with 37% of the 'popular' vote. Due to the quirks of mathematics in our flawed First Past the Post electoral system the Tories are the UK Govt with 100% of the power. I don't regard them has having any real democratic legitimacy. They don't even have the good grace to behave like a benevolent illegitimate Government. They trash industries which will give us a safer environment, they make poor people poorer and give tax breaks to the rich. The lack of compassion and arrogance of the Government is contemptible.

So other than having a bit of a rant what am I trying to say here? Well if they are an illegitimate Government behaving against the interests of large swaithes of the population then I regard them in the same way as I would regard a hostile occupying force working against the interests of many people. It is genuinely how I feel and I think it is dangerous when people find themselves feeling about the Government of their country in this way. Imagine if you can a Labour Government getting elected on similar quirky mathematics as this bunch of gangsters. Sure, it may well behave in a more benevolent fashion but its legitimacy is just as questionable. Until Labour genuinely embrace electoral reform they will not fundamentally change our country for the better and our society , our communities and our country will remain divided, angry and unstable.

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