Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hunters Group - a rogue company operating with contempt for the community

Hunters Group a skip hire and waste management company based at Queens Mill Road, Lockwood are poorly managed and out of control" said Newsome Green Party Councillor Andrew Cooper

"My first dealings with them were earlier this year when I had to ring them many times to try to get skips removed from a couple of locations in the Newsome Ward. Then there was the damage caused by the parking of their HGVs on pavements on Queens Mill Rd. This was followed more recently with HGVs parked on double yellow lines outside their works for days at a time. While checking progress on the parking fines on their vehicles I noticed a noxious smell. I walked up to the banking above their works and saw a mountain of festering, stinking unprocessed waste spilling out of building over 20 feet high. I have reported this to Kirklees Environmental Health and they made me aware that both they and the Environment Agency are pursuing legal action against Hunters Group."

What is needed now is for Hunters to recognise their failings quickly and to deal with the problems they are causing the local community. FaĆ®lure to do so is going to result in legal action that could make their business untenable going forward. This rogue company cannot be allowed to continue to operate in this out of control fashion. I advise people affected by the noxious stench from Hunters yard to contact the Environment Agency hotline on 0800 80 70 60. I urge people considering hiring a skip not to go to Hunters until they start operating with respect for the local community."


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