Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Huddersfield rallies round to help in Calderdale Flood Crisis

Huddersfield people have been rallying round to help flood hit families in neighbouring Calderdale by collecting clothes, furniture, cleaning products, toiletries food and toys

Ashenhurst resident Danni Jones who organised the collections said,

“I woke up and saw the devastation on Facebook and I was saddened by what I saw. Halifax is where I grew up. So I asked friends and family if they had any unwanted items and then went on sales sites. I contacted a few friends to help me collect things and then take them to Halifax.  We also filled 2 trollies at Asda and took them down. In the past I have been helped by others in difficult times so this was my way of giving back. Walking through Elland it broke my heart seeing familes homes destroyed and lots of belongings in gardens covered in mud and water. It was really upsetting.”

Councillor Andrew Cooper who drove 2 minibus loads of donations to Halifax said

“All credit to Danni and her friends for this initiative. There is loads of goodwill out there and Huddersfield people are keen to help their neighbours in Calderdale to get back on their feet in really difficult times. It has been amazing to see so many trying to find ways to help people who have had their homes inundated by floodwater.”

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