Thursday, 3 December 2015

EU Committee of the Regions - My Region Our School Competition Entries from Hillside School, Newsome

The entries from Primary Schools across the EU in the Jacques Delores Building in Brussels

The aims of My Region My School

Entry from Jacob Beaumont (7) & Candice Cassidy (9) - 3rd Prize

In our vision we see our school fields used to grow fruit & vegetables so we don't waste money buying from supermarkets. We would like to make all our own school dinners using our own produce. Any leftovers would be given to the homeless for them to eat. The children and adults are all in charge of this project & have to work together.

Entry from Emma Sheldon (11) & Georgia Taylor (7) - 1st Prize

Our vision for our school and region is to see more forest schools towards our learning. Den making and eating marshmallows around a fire. If we did more forest schools in our local area, then it would give everyone a chance to learn about nature and animals.

Sana  Zubair (10) & Zahra Nabizadah (8) - 2nd Prize

Our vision is to open an Ice Cream shop on our school field at home time each day and have a few volunteers working there. The money that we earn will be sent to charity to help poor people around the world. This will make their lives happier by giving them clean water, more clothes and healthy food. Then everyone in Europe will have what they need. We will include ingredients grown locally, such as milk, fresh strawberries and more.

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