Thursday, 8 October 2015

PRESS RELEASE - Greens call for Government rescue package for the Energy Efficiency Industry

Mark Group established in 1974 & closed down as a direct result of Tory Government policies in 2015

The Green Party have called on the Conservative Government to provide an immediate rescue package for staff who have lost their jobs in the energy efficiency industry and for  a complete rethink of their lack of support for green industries.

Large long standing energy efficiency companies Mark Group and Climate Energy have gone into administration following Government cuts to the Green Deal, an abandonment of Zero Carbon Homes and faltering funding through the Energy Company Obligation. Over a thousand jobs are under immediate threat.

Green Party Energy Spokesperson Andrew Cooper said

“ Only last week Government unveiled a £80million package of training and support to establish new businesses for 1700 staff who lost their jobs when the SSI Steelworks at Redcar lost their jobs when the company SSI went into liquidation. Over 1000 people jobs are now at risk in the energy efficiency industry. This is a direct result of the Government abandonment of green policies so it bears a heavy responsibility for the loss of those jobs. Greens are calling for an equivalent package for staff losing their jobs in the energy efficiency sector.”

“Of course the sensible thing would be for government to have consistent policies that promote insulation and small scale renewable energy installations  but while we wait in hope for Government to realise this we need support now for workers who have lost their jobs”


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