Thursday, 27 August 2015

Summer holiday lunches held for kids in Lowerhouses were a great success.

Lunches were prepared 3 days each week over the Summer holidays with help from local children and charity Worth Unlimited at Lowerhouses Community Baptist Church. The project was led by Wendy Marsden who lives locally and regularly fed 40+ children. The project was supported by the Town Foundation. There were a variety of tasty healthy lunches provided with fresh vegetables and a pudding.

Green Party Councillor Karen Allison who helped out at the lunch events said  “This has been a really positive project and the kids have loved getting involved in preparing meals, laying the tables. I am really proud of them and the huge enthusiasm shown by Wendy who has been so committed to this project.” 

 Councillor Andrew Cooper who helped out with the washing up on the final day of the project said,  "All credit to Wendy and the kids for preparing these great meals for so many people."

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