Thursday, 6 August 2015

Newsome Play Day? Don't ask me!

Newsome Play Day has become a regular Annual event. Stalls, picnics, play equipment and Kirklees Youth Service all there, plus loads of kids having a good time. This is another project that is lead by the Newsome Ward Community Forum chaired by Green Cllr Julie Stewart-Turner. I usually drop by say hello, have a chat with a few folks for an hour or so. The real work is done by local people and Kirklees Youth Services staff. Both Julie and Cllr Karen Allison have put hours of work into making the day a success. It is another part of the jigsaw that makes up the strong community lead activities in the area and it is important that it is focused on kids. Having absolutely nothing at all to do with it, all I can really say is that its great that it happens. I guess the strength of the array of community offers in the area is that different people do and lead on different things.

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