Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Conservatives field 10 out of 17 Candidates who live outside the Kirkburton Parish Boundary

Conservatives are being parachuted in from far and wide to stand in the Kirkburton Parish Elections

 In the Parish Council Elections the Conservatives have decided to' parachute in' over half their candidates from outside the Kirkburton Parish Council area. Their Candidates come from far and wide. Their Candidate for Flockton Robert McGuin lives in Marsh! Others live in Sheepridge, Lowerhouses, Thornhill, Marsh, Birkby and Fixby.
Parish Councils are very much about working in communities and getting involved in local projects. It is difficult to see what interests many of these candidates can have in getting involved in projects that are miles from where they live.

The fact that the Conservatives have fielded so many of their Party members from all over Huddersfield shows the lack of people willing to stand for them in our local villages. It also shows that their interest in standing is overtly political and not out of any genuine concern for our villages.

The Green Party have only one Candidate who lives outside the Boundary and that is me! I live a few hundred yards outside the Parish in Brockholes and represent Farnley Tyas and Thurstonland. The next door villages to where I live.

There are 17 Tory Candidates of whom 10 live outside the Parish

Candidate for Flockton Robert McGuin lives in Marsh!

Candidate for Kirkheaton Homma Abid lives in Sheepridge

Candidate for Kirkheaton  Maria Ackroyd lives in Lowerhouses

Candidate for Grange Moor Cristophe Walker lives in Thornhill

Candidate for Lepton Khawar Nazir Awan lives in Sheepridge

Candidate for Lepton Tasmin Coloney lives in Marsh

Candidate for Lepton Bernard McGuin lives in Marsh

Candidate for Lepton Zahid Mehmood lives in Birkby

Candidate for Shelley Bill Armer lives in Sheepridge

Candidate for Farnley Tyas and Thurstonland lives in Fixby

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