Wednesday, 11 February 2015

PRESS RELEASE -Green Party Councillor appointed to EU Committee of theRegions

Kirklees Green Party Councillor Andrew Cooper has been appointed to the EU Committee of the Regions as one of the UKs 24 representatives selected from Councils and devolved governments across the UK. The EU body has 353 members representing Local Governments from across the member states of the European Union. The role of the Committee of the Regions is to provide input on the impact of EU policies at the local level. Andrew was the nominee of the Local Government Associations Independent Group of Councillors which represents Councillors elected as Independents and smaller parties such as the Greens. He is the first Green Party Councillor from the UK to be appointed to the Committee of the Regions and the appointment has a five year term.

Andrew said,

"It is an exciting challenge and I'm keen to learn more about how we can get as much benefit out of the EU for the people of Kirklees as possible and make a difference to EU policies."

Members of the Committee of the Regions do not get a salary like MEPs and only receive reimbursement for travel and accommodation.

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