Saturday, 28 February 2015

Passivhaus Post Script - Huddersfield Planning Meeting

My last post regarding our successful Green Party Amendment to Kirklees Councils Budget dealt with Tory Cllr Donald Firth's description of the Passivhaus Developments we proposed to support as "mud huts". As if by design,  this week a private householder in Netherton submitted a Planning Application to build a 'Passivhaus' dwelling. The Planning Committee on Thursday deciding on the application included both myself and Councillor D Firth. Planning Officers presented the application and the Chair then asked if there were any questions from Councillors. My question was "Is it made of mud?" The officer looked confused and said "No" I then expressed my own confusion as Cllr Firth had carried out "research" saying they were made of mud. I heard Cllr Firth shout something or other and the meeting carried on. You have to get your entertainment where you can these days. The application was passed. Even Cllr Firth voted for it despite it being a "mud hut"!

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