Saturday, 24 January 2015

What is Labour for anymore?

This poster from the SNP seemed appropriate for this article
 There have been 2 important votes in the House of Commons over the last two weeks that have had less media attention than they deserve.

 The first was signing off £32 Billion of additional cuts to public expenditure proposed by the Coalition Government. Some people may be surprised to know that the vast majority of Labour Party MPs, including Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman, followed the Conservative and Lib Dem MPs into the 'Aye' lobby to support these huge cuts to services. We have no idea where these cuts will fall and neither do the MPs who voted for them, but given what has already cut then services like Adult Social care must be under threat. What amazes me is that Labour MPs can simply fall in line with cuts that could adversely affect some of the most vulnerable people. Only 18 MPs voted against including the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs

The Second vote was on whether or not Government should support a £100 Billion replacement to the Trident  missile programme. The debate was called by Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs and was an ideal opportunity to agree to stop wasting public money on a useless expensive relic of the Cold War and instead use that money to support local services and the NHS. Yet again the vast majority of Labour MPs, including Barry Sheerman, voted against and the motion was lost.

What is Labour for any more?  If Labour MPs can't stand up for public services or oppose nuclear weapons what makes them fundamentally any different from a Lib Dem or even a Tory MP. Over the next few months we will see a lot of sound and fury from Labour saying how terrible the Coalition Parties are, but in reality they are little different. They will rely on amnesia from the electorate of their reprehensible actions in government such as joining the disastrous and destabilising US war in Iraq and people desperately wanting an end to this right wing government. Surely we should have higher expectations of our politicians than this?

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