Monday, 1 December 2014

Last roll of the Highways funding dice?

Portland Place being surfaced

We have just got a number of small scale road and surface improvementsschemes delivered in the Newsome Ward.

  • The pitted garage site at Portland Place, near Trinity Street is finally repaired.

  • Access to a garages on Back Springwood Street, Springwood is now more easily accessible for vehicles following a drop of planings.

  • A path has been laid to the rear of Victoria Road following regular requests from residents

  • Back Newsome Road is now more easily accessible for bin wagons

  • The unadopted roads of Armitage Bridge Village should shortly be repaired and Dougie should be able to get around on his motorised scooter a bit easier.

What funding we are going to have to do these sort of valued improvements in future is anyones guess. So we were keen to get these particular schemes sorted this year.

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