Wednesday, 15 October 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Greens propose support for Shepley Library costs

Councillors Derek Hardcastle and Robert Barraclough outside Shepley Library
Kirkburton Green Party Councillors Derek Hardcastle and Robert Barraclough have proposed that Kirkburton Parish Council offer to contribute to the running costs for Shepley Library.

A community lead group in Shepley is being established to work with Kirklees to seek a Community Asset Transfer to ensure Library service remain in the village. Councillor Derek Hardcastle said,

 “For Shepley to put forward a convincing case to Kirklees to transfer the building to the community it will need to demonstrate that it has secure funding to maintain the buildings plus costs for water, gas, electricity, cleaning, waste removal costs etc. We will propose that at the Parish Council’s annual budget meeting the Council agrees an amount to be set aside for that purpose. This would help to provide a sustainable long term future for the Library.”

 Councillor Robert Barraclough said,

 “I would like us to put aside this money over a full four year term of Kirkburton Parish Council and seek to ensure that this becomes a ring fenced element of the Parish Councils budget for future years"

Contact:- Robert Barraclough – 07778 315577 Derek Hardcastle – 07779 628147

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  1. On behalf of the Shepley community I can only thank Councillors Robert Barraclough and Derek Hardcastle for all the work they have already done for the village and this latest proposal will certainly make our efforts to secure the future of Shepley library and building more sustainable. We are very fortunate to have a wealth of experience and skill in our village as well as a strong feeling of community however we are more than aware of the challenge ahead of us.
    These are trying times but they are also times for great opportunity for small rural groups.
    Andy Scott - Chairman Shepley Village Association