Sunday, 8 June 2014

Post Election Kirklees Party Leaders debate

This debate, hosted by Kirklees Local TV, took place about 2 days after the European Election result. I think I'm looking pretty cheerful all things considered.

 Local Party leaders should do more of this sort of thing. We usually meet behind closed doors for Leading Members meetings with the Chief Executive or in the Kirklees Full Council meeting, a combination of political theatre and every now and again a bear pit. This Question Time format is good because adds a new layer of accountability for local politicians and more visibility and challenge for the positions we take on local issues. There's a bit of editing here. I think we had Robert Light a bit more on the ropes on the Tory position on the LDF than is shown here, but maybe that's a rose tinted recollection. 

It was suggested by Kirklees Local TV that they might want to do this every quarter. I'd certainly be up for it.

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