Thursday, 29 May 2014

There's no such thing as a free Mayoral Dinner

In the absence of an official picture of our Mr & Mrs Smith
I was pleased last year when the incoming Mayor Martyn Bolt said there would  be a ticket price to be paid for the Mayoral Dinner instead of the usual freebie. Greens had always made appropriate donations at the meal to the Mayors Charity but we know that it was usually a significant proportion of the total for the evening, from our one table. Last years Mayoral Dinner, though to be paid for, was well attended and we had a good group from Kirkburton Parish Council who attended and filled a table. There was however a 'principled' boycott  by incoming Deputy Mayor Councillor Ken Smith who didn't see why Councillors should have to put their hands in their pockets and off he and some colleagues went to have a curry elsewhere. Now Ken is up for Mayor he has used his Mayors privilege and reverted to the freebie meal again. So next Wednesday, when Ken and his consort Ex Kirkburton Conservative Councillor Christine Smith, are tucking into their chicken, Green Party and Valley Independent Councillors will be at Bar Maroc (the old Long Island Bar) having San Miguel Lager and eating their delicious vegetarian pizzas, at our own cost.

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