Monday, 3 March 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Andrew Cooper makes it into Top Ten Sustainability Twitter users

"What I had for breakfast" - a subject not covered on Andrew's Twitter

Ecobuild the top industry event for sustainable construction and the built environment has named Andrew Cooper as one of the most influential Twitter users. Ecobuild said of their survey

"The #Ecobuild100 aims to provide a comprehensive list of the most useful and insightful sustainable construction, design and built environment oriented Twitter accounts. The list is comprised of public nominations, from which the Ecobuild team has carefully selected the final 100 based on relevant content, engagement and Klout score.

In response to popular demand, we have this year, also selected a list of the top ten individuals within the #Ecobuild100, recognising some of the unsung heroes in the industry who are striving to bring sustainable issues to the forefront of the social debate"

Andrew said,

"Obviously pleased that my use of 140 characters has found favour. I never tweet about what I've had for breakfast but I do link it to my blog where I've usually a fair bit to say about matters to do with sustainable energy, the local council and issues in the area that I represent as a Councillor. With over 1500 followers I'm not in the Russell Brand or Stephen Fry league but I do find it a good way of getting ideas across and occasionally taking the mickey out of other politicians."


  1. Well done Andrew! Well deserved. ( By the way what do you have for breakfast? :-) )

  2. Well this isn't Twitter so I guess I'm free to respond. Last 2 days have been beans on toast, full English over the weekend at Green Party Conference. Porridge tomorrow. Thanks John