Saturday, 15 March 2014

Kirklees Local TV Appearance - 14/3/14

I made it on to video channel Kirklees Local TV this week and quite a treat to share the interview with Tom Hirst, Tory Mirfield Town Councillor who seems to be on the libertarian wing of the Tory Party. He's not a big fan of equality laws and would rather we just managed to do the right thing without them. It doesn't take a genius to work out the pretty dire state we would be without the protection from unscrupulous employers that equality laws have provided.

The portion of the interview that took me by surprise was that a woman in one part of the world has apparently married a dog. I just took this to be a dubious and bizarre skateboarding duck type story and treated it accordingly. Tom however saw this as a seriously moral issue and cited the Bible. I did wonder whether there was a negative subtext from Tom here about recent changes in the law allowing gay marraige. I hope not. He really needs to lighten up a bit.

Overall I enjoyed the experience despite feeling a bit ropey but more opportunity for debate between different viewpoints would make these interviews more interesting to potential viewers.

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