Saturday, 1 February 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Greens call for solar panels to 2000 Council homes

Cllr Andrew Cooper discussing the  2000 house solar  programme with Green Party Baroness Jenny Jones
Kirklees  Green Party Councillors today called for a 2000 house programme to install solar panels on Council Tenants homes.

Councillor Andrew Cooper, Leader of the Greens on Kirklees Council said,

"The proposal we are putting forward would have no impact on the Council Tax. We are proposing that the solar panels would be installed using Housing Revenue Account reserves These are ringfenced funds for Council properties which cannot be legally be used for anything other than the maintenance of Council housing"

" The capital costs of solar panels have come down significantly in recent years making this a more viable proposition. The Feed In Tarrif for solar electricity that a scheme such as this would attract will mean that the costs for the project will be completely paid back within 12 years. Council Tenants would get the benefit of the electricity off the roof. An average 2kWp solar installation would generate at least 1600 units of electricity a year the equivalent of £240 saving off the average electricity bill. For people on a low income this is a very significant saving."

"What this proposal would mean is that the Council would see a return on its investment within12 years, householders would have cheaper fuel bills and more electricity will be generated from clean renewable sources."

Green Party Peer Baroness Jenny Jones who was visiting Huddersfield to discuss the project said,

"This is a terrific idea. People around the country look to many of the initiatives coming from the GreenParty  in Kirklees. What the Greens propose in Kirklees today is what other Councils will be copying tomorrow"

Peru, the 39th richest country in the world is pursuing a programme to provide solar energy for 2 million of its poorest people. The UK is the 7th richest country in the world.


  1. Unfortunately 12 years for a return on investment doesn't really make good economical sense. The initial investment of cash would have to be funded during that 12 year period.

    The cash which you would ring-fence is currently being spent on other services, and would leave a deficit. I fear that this deficit can only be reclaimed from the tax paying residents of Kirklees.

  2. This is funding from the Housing Revenue Account RESERVE and as such the proposal does make economic sense and won't have to be funded from elsewhere.