Sunday, 12 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE - "No Fracking Way!" - Say Greens

A Leading Green Politician has condemned the Coalition Government's proposed 'incentive ' to local Councils and communities accepting environmental damaging shale gas extraction (otherwise known as fracking.)

Green Kirklees Councillor Andrew Cooper who is also the Party's Energy Spokesperson said

The fracking process is subject to significant methane leakage which is a damaging greenouse gas. There are also a number of well documented instances of water courses being polluted. The process uses millions of gallons of water and toxic chemicals.

Government has backed environmentally damaging shale gas extraction just as it has scaled back support for people to insulate their homes through the Energy Company Obligation.

What the government really needs to do is properly invest in energy efficiency measures for households so they can permanently reduce their energy needs. The Coalitions Green Deal is a dismal failure and they have drastically cut the Energy Company Obligation to improve the insulation of homes. Government clearly has no interest in helping householders control their energy demand they simply want to

It is significant that there is no claim by the PM any more that fracked gas will reduce fuel bills for householders and it is clear that it will have no benefit for those households in fuel poverty.

It is also significant that this policy is not being applied to renewable energy installations demonstrating the governments growing lack of commitment to the green economic sector.

The Government supposedly believes in ‘localism’ and allowing Councils to make their own decisions. When Council funding is drastically cut by central government and they are then offered money to accept fracking on their land it is clearly nothing less than ‘bribery’. Councils should simply have access to 100% of the business rates collected in their area with no coercion from central government on how they spend it.

We are likely to see huge local opposition to fracking , and the Government knows it. Right round the world Greens are supporting local community campaigns against fracking in their neighbourhoods.


Leo Sayer’s Australian Anti Fracking Campaign Song ‘No Fracking Way’

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