Wednesday, 22 January 2014

PRESS RELEASE -Coalition fails industry, the consumer and the Environment by opposing EU Renewable Energy Target

Green Party Energy Spokesperson Councilor Andrew Cooper has condemned the Government for lobbying against a new binding Renewable Energy Target for the UK by 2030.

Today the EU Commission has confirmed that there will be no mandatory Renewable Energy target in 2030 to follow on from the legally binding 2020 Renewable Energy target.

Councillor Cooper said,

"It is hardly surprising that the Coalition Government is arguing for no 2030 Renewable Energy Target as it is one of the few countries in Europe that is currently dismally failing to achieve its 2020 target. Shamefully the UK has only got to reach 15% of total energy from renewable sources  by 2020 compared with 20% across the EU. Feeble UK govt energy policies have meant for a long time that the government which promoted itself as 'the greenest government ever' were heading for failure from day one."

"The flawed argument the government has used against a mandatory EU target is that it would push up energy prices. This position lacks credibility. If you significantly invest in energy efficiency and large scale insulation measures you will achieve permanent cuts in demand, making it easier to achieve your  percentage renewable energy target. This will help people reduce their energy bills and avoid fuel poverty at the same time. It is not simply just a matter of building more wind and solar farms to accommodate demand. Investment in energy efficiency gives us more choices in our energy mix and the Coalition has singularly failed to grasp this. They lack the vision, the policies and the commitment to take control of the important issues affecting the UKs Energy needs. You really have to ask yourself what the point is of the supposedly 'green' Lib Dems if this is the best we can expect from this Government"


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