Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bridge over the River Colne

Last Wednesdays Full Council meeting saw a motion from the Liberal Democrats calling on the Kirklees Labour Cabinet to "undertake the work that is needed to build a second bridge in Milnsbridge" to help relieve congestion through the busy village. Just to recap, there was a by-election last month in the Golcar Ward which the Liberal Democrats won after promising to "Stop Labours Gridlock" in Milnsbridge, or so it said on the signs said which they plastered all over the lamp posts. Of course it would cost millions and one thing Kirklees has got a lot less of is millions, so it was never a realistic option. Say the Council were to pay for a bridge, what services would be cut to pay for it. Shamefully the Labour Party and the Conservatives backed a feasibility study into the unfeasible bridge during the By Election campaign. I tried to put a bit of 'realism' into the debate  by calling for a monorail from Scapegoat Hill through Golcar, Milnsbridge and into Huddersfield. My tongue was firmly in my cheek as I asked for something even more unfeasible than what all the other parties were asking for. Bizarrely Conservative Leader got up and insisted his Party were the first to think of a monorail.

It will be interesting to see what the Lib Dems put in their Council budget proposal in February on this one. If their government were to restore Council finances perhaps the Lib Dems could have a bridge.

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