Sunday, 10 November 2013

Will Labour save Golcar Library?

The Labour Candidate in the Golcar By Election is saying he is campaigning to save Golcar Library.

 With £129million of Kirklees cuts coming through from the Lib Dem Conservative Government then cuts to local Library services will be back on the agenda. The question Golcar electors need to ask Labour canvassers directly is, "I know that the Labour Candidate says he supports the retention of Golcar Library but does that mean that the Kirklees Labour Party Policy and therefore the Kirklees Labour Cabinet  support saving Golcar Library?"

In my experience Labour Candidates, in particular wards, are sometimes given permission to take a particular stance on an important issue which is not necessarily the same as the policy adopted by Labour on the Council. Its what is left out of election literature which can lead to people being misled.

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