Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Golcar By Election - What's pink and hangs from a lamp post?

Pink, deceptive and hanging from a lamp post

What's pink, deceptive and hangs on a lamp post? Well it's these pink posters on streets around the Golcar Ward where coincidentally a Council By Election is to be held on November 21st.

The posters say in big bold words 'Stop Labour's Gridlock'. If you look at some really small writing at the top you'll see a line indicating it is part of the Lib Dem election campaign. So though it looks pink it is in fact yellow! It also looks like it is part of some sort of community campaign (which it is not) and there is no indication of what party it represents. It is clearly deceptive, cynical and wholly negative.It is clearly the start of some contrived campaign that the Lib Dems will run during the election to drum up support.

You can imagine when the Lib Dems were dreaming up this idea that they thought it was a really clever thing to do by pretending to run a non partisan community campaign against the party they regard as their principal opponent. The problem for them is that people aren't stupid and they can spot when they are being manipulated. It will backfire on them.

I'm no fan of the Labour Party, but if I am going to criticise them I will do it openly on literature bearing the  name of the Party I represent. If the Lib Dems are going to be so deceptive in their election campaigns why should we trust them if they are elected? Actually we know they can't be trusted in Government with pledge after pledge being broken such as backtracking on no rise in Student Tuition Fees, opposing nuclear energy and privatisation of the NHS.

If they behave so cynically in their election campaigns the they deserve to be treated cynically by the electorate.


  1. These posters are so high up that it's impossible to see that these are done by the Lib Dems (but we'd guessed) I would question however if the posters in fact conform to the "imprint" required by law (see Electoral Commission website)

  2. I agree with almost everything that you say above, Andrew - apart from being a Labour Party member. In fact most people have been confused by the Lib-Dem tactic. I guess that very few have read the Lib-Dem newsletter which has the same title as the pink poster above.
    I also liked what you said in the Examiner about the LDF, although there was no other option available to the Council except to withdraw it.

  3. Thanks Jeremy. On the LDF our Group did like the idea of forcing the issue with the Planning Inspectorate and making its withdrawal their undemocratic decision. It would more effectively illustrate the nonsense of the supposed localism in determining Planning policy.

  4. Oh dear , Labour and their tame Green poodles upset at the Lib Dems , still it is good to see that there are both Green and Labour candidates in the by election to split the money grows on trees vote .

    1. Tory are you, or simply utterly desperate FibDem?

      Either way, your comments are worthless and without basis.

      I suggest you find something less intellectually taxing, as it's clearly beyond your abilities to remark without knee jerk and rather stupidly childish responses.

  5. You are not very well informed if you think the Greens are anybody's poodles and certainly not Labour's. It's just far too obvious to throw the 'poodle' jibe back at Lib Dems so I'll resist.

  6. I think the by election result speaks for itself , Labour and their Green poodles comprehensively defeated .

  7. Decided to let your comment through Mark as it says a fair bit about you and your understanding of things. You will see plenty of criticism of Labour Tories and Lib Dems in my blog. In relation to this election I know Christine will be a good Cllr for the folks in Golcar. My good opinion of Christine doesn't alter my views about their tactics on this election or their role as collaborators with an appalling right wing government.