Saturday, 3 August 2013

Poll predicts first Green Party MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire Greens - coming out of the shadows

The latest independent opinion poll specifically about next years European Elections is good news for the Green Party and shows we are on target to achieve our first MEP for the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

The European Elections are conducted under the list system of voting which gives more proportional outcomes and with 6 MEP positions the prospects for one of those places seeing a Green elected are good. The Yougov Poll for the Electoral Reform Society shows the Greens on over 12% beating the Lib Dems into fifth place and anything over 10% gives us a good chance of ensuring we getting a Yorkshire and Humber seat. As I am the Lead Candidate for the the Greens in our Region this is an exciting prospect and gives people who oppose establishment parties, but don't want to vote a Right Wing Conservative Party Mark 2 like UKiP, a real choice. At the last Euro Poll in 2009 the Greens were just over 1% short of winning and lost out narrowly to the BNP who won the sixth seat. The collapse of the BNP and faltering support for the Lib Dems leaves a real opportunity for the Green Party to make a breakthrough.

 If elected I wouldn't want it to be one off expression of discontent but a positive vote for an MEP who is trying to get more European funds to help create jobs and worthwhile investment in our communities. Someone who is working to improve the energy performance of our homes and businesses and at the same time helping young people develop skills in worthwhile jobs that they can build a life upon. It is locally owned and managed businesses working together that are the key to a truly sustainable economy where wealth is not siphoned out of our communities. As a Green MEP I would want to work with local councils across our Region to support the development of more sustainable local economies that are more resilient to the insecurities of an increasingly globalised economy.

What concerns me about the current state of UK politics is the lack of a positive vision. Negativity and being against things seems to be how many politicians express themselves all of the time. Of course we need to say when we have legitimate concerns about issues affecting our communities but we must spend at least the same amount of time telling people what our vision for a positive future looks like and what we will do to help us get there.

Details of the Yougov Poll here

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