Saturday, 13 July 2013

Water way of saving money

People on benefits and other low incomes are now finding things even tighter with the crackdown on disability benefits, the bedroom tax and the upcoming Universal Credit. It's a war on the poor which will transfer some national debt onto personal debt as millions of rent arrears accrue on he rent accounts of people who demonstrably can't afford to pay. We've got to find new ways to help people to get by in ever more difficult times.

In conversation with Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing officers last week it occurred to me that many single householders will still be paying water rates in the conventional way when transferring to a water meter could save them hundreds each year and even possibly make up a significant part of the income gap left by the Bedroom Tax. The idea of a mass campaign to get people, particularly low water users to install meters such as people living alone was well received and I'll be taking an interest in what actions may follow as a result. A low water user could save up to £200/ year so worth having. Here's the link to the relevant page of the Yorkshire Water

Of course it is not just Council Tenants who could benefit but single private householders and people who actively seek to conserve water as well. To follow up installation with a water conservation campaign with advice on saving water could also help reduce risk of standpipes during times of drought and help limit the need to invest in new water capacity.

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