Friday, 19 July 2013

Re- Cycled Councillor

We gave up our 2nd car about 5 years ago to save money and be a bit greener. Sometimes it's inconvenient but we work our way around generally. I've been needing an incentive to get fitter for some time now, delivering 1000s of leaflets helps but I clearly need to do more. When my employer tadea decided to have a 4 day charity bike ride on the 'coast to coast' route to support the Great  North Air Ambulance that was the trigger I needed to get the bike out of the cellar after a good number of years. I've dropped it off at Wheelspin at Lockwood for a service. I'm already getting more acutely aware of potholes on the road and concern about colliding with cars is ever present. I have got a long way to go however to match the tremendous cycling achievements of our Mayor Councillor Martyn Bolt (not that I'm trying to as I would fail!) . Martyn Bolt who will be cycling 1400km between London and Edinburgh. He starts on July 28th. Support him! Please support my charity bike ride as well though at 140miles over 4 days its just over a tenth Martyn's goal but it'll be tough enough for me I assure you!

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  1. Mr Cooper hat of to you sir for putting your life in your hands with the way drivers are towards cyclists.

    you got a typo 10th line down you have " caris" should be "Car is" now i know its difficult blogging while ridding a bike on kirklees roads so i will let you off....

    Keep up the good work