Friday, 5 July 2013

Newsome Money Management Day - Wednesday 10th July

Banks get a bad press, due to certain events in recent history, but then there's the people who work at your local banks (whichever they may be) who like many people just want to help and get a buzz out of doing so. The Huddersfield branch of the Halfax Bank are making their Branch Manager Jonathan Wales available for a morning at Hillside Primary School and Newsome Methodist Church to offer free impartial advice to local people whatever their circumstances and whoever they bank with. This is all part of their support for 'Business in the Community'. It may be difficult to get bankers out from behind their desks but if you take the banker with their desks out to where people are then they may feel more comfortable about asking for help and advice. So to promote this event myself and Jonathan went up to Castle Hill to take this picture for the local paper. Jonathan will be at Hillside Primary School on Wednesday 10th July from 9.00 till 10.30 and Newsome South Methodist Church from 10.45 till Midday. Come along he might be able to save you a few quid. A few years ago I went to my bank and got some good advice and got my money under control so maybe you could too.

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