Monday, 25 February 2013

Good Lord!

Clive Lord in 1974

At the Green Party Conference this year we celebrated our first 40 years of existence. We heard of the founders producing leaflets on hand cranked gestener copiers before offset lithos and photocopiers. The Green Parties that now span the world all came from these initial few dedicated people. In Kirklees we are particularly honoured to have Clive Lord one of the founding members. He first stood for election as the 'People' candidate in one of the 1974 General Elections. Before it was the Green Party it was the Ecology Party and before that simply 'People'. Clive started being joined by others in Leeds around 1980 and had to wait till around till 1985 for the founding of the Green Party in Huddersfield to have other Kirklees based members to work with. Clive is an evangilist for the Citizens Income scheme as an alternative to the Welfare Benefits system. I'm not going to explain it here and anyway Clive has his own Blog here so read that.!

The word 'stalwart' is often used in the context of Clive and every opportunity he gets he is eulogising about the Citizens Income, sometimes at inappropriate times. I strongly suspects he knows this but then he is a man on a mission who is proposing a system which undoubtedly has its benefits. I have no doubt that in a few years time people will develop Clive's pathfinding work and recognise the contribution he has made when the dreadful so called ' Welfare Reformer' Iain Duncan Smith is justly reviled for pushing those on benefits further into misery and destitution.

Clive Lord today


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