Monday, 7 January 2013

Armitage Bridge over troubled water

Work on the new Armitage Bridge flood barrier has begun. Regular readers of this blog will recall the 2 floods on Dean Brook Road that have occured in recent years. At times of high rainfall there is increased danger of a high water level on Dean Brook which has seen the road turn into a river and some local houses flooded with all the misery hat accompanies such events.

This solution to the problem has come out of the community and a lot of credit should go to local man John Lockwood who came up with a solution that diverts water onto the field before Dean Brook Road at times of high flood risk. Local Architects 'One 17 Design' have also been a great supporter carrying out the work and have matched funds from local people and those that Newsome Ward Councillors have contributed from Area Committee funds.

This is a real good news story and one where it is local people and community spirit that has produced a locally grown solution that should protect this part of the village for years to come.

Dean Brook Road during the first flood a few years ago

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