Monday, 10 December 2012

Springwood traffic calming installed

Springwood traffic calming
Traffic calming at Springwood has finally gone in on Oastler Avenue, Lynton Avenue, Springwood Avenue and Old South Street after a few years of trying to get a scheme off the ground and approved. Residents had long complained about the need for measures to slow down traffic much of which used it as a residential rat run into the town centre or to the ring road. Walls had been demolished by cars trying to take the dangerous corner at the junction of Oastler and Springwood Avenues at high speed. Thanksfully by more luck than judgement nobody was killed or injured. Its interesting that when the Greens were first breaking through in the Newsome Ward the Labour Party said warned that if we were elected we would put traffic calming everywhere. We haven't but we have certainly championed a number of traffic calming schemes around the ward and it remains a high priority for. We are not frightened of putting pedestrian and road safety above the desire of some motorists to drive as fast as they like down residential streets.

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