Monday, 10 December 2012

Dawson Road Parking scheme commences

Work starts on the Dawson Road parking scheme
The end of Dawson Road in Newsome is a cul de sac and around the end of the road there are 14 houses with space for about 4 cars tops! This creates havoc for people trying to park and ambulances that need access to the homes. The grassed areas outside the properties just get churned up and driven over so they don't really add anything positive to the area. The problem has been going on for years and has been a tough problem to crack. Newsome Councillors have used a combination of Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing Environment funds and Area committee pots spread over two years to finally resolve this issue. Its been a hard job getting the money together for this and all credit to my colleague Councillor Julie Stewart-Turner who keeps on top of our locally held or controlled budgets. We are having to be very creative at the moment to get things to happen in a time when public money is tight but it is good to see improvements like these going in.

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