Monday, 12 November 2012

PRESS RELEASE - Greens call for boycott of Police Commissioner Elections

Please stay in or spoil your ballot on Thursday evening all!
 Kirklees Greens have called for a boycott of the Police Elections scheduled for this Thursday.

Councillor Andew Cooper who leads the Greens on Kirklees Council said,

"The Elections on Thursday will be to appoint a £100k a year Police Commissioner post with no more powers or authority than the existing Police Authority. On top of that the Commissioner will be overseen by a Police and Crime Panel of 12 Councillors each on £11'000 a year for attending 6 meetings. The cost of running the elections will be a total of £75 million nationally."

"The politicisation of the governance of the police force is a retrograde step and I really don't believe that in the UK we should be seeking to impose an American model of policing."

"Holding these elections in November when less people will be willing to turn out on dark evenings shows what a low priority it is for for the government so why should people really take them seriously."

"Whether it is by spoiling your ballot paper or simply not turning up at the Polling Station it is important that these elections are a failure."

"The election deposit is £5000 which seems designed to ensure only large political parties are able to put candidates forward to ensure that these supposedly 'non political' Police Commissioner posts go to politicians from the old establishment political parties."

"I have a postal ballot paper and rather than sending it to the election office I will send it to the Prime Minister David Cameron with some suggestions as to better use of the money such as properly funding front line policing."

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  1. While you're absolutely right that the police commissioner post is just an excuse to make a bunch of freemasons even richer, boycotting elections is very bad advice.

    If you boycott, the parties (wealthy coppers, in this case) can discount you completely while remaining fully (technically?) democratic. If you put a blank ballot paper in the box, they HAVE to count it as a vote of no confidence in all candidates and the process as a whole.

    This is a recognised aspect of the British democratic process that politicians don't want us to know about, and advising a boycott is actually helping these candidates to get their seat on the gravy train, despite your best intentions.

    You need to make the difference known and ensure people aren't boycotting, they're blank voting. You've still time for another press release...