Saturday, 24 November 2012

Parish Christmas Trees - Live is Cheap!

Thurstonland villagers with their new living Christmas tree
The Parish Council helps a number of villages with the funding of Christmas tree each year and this can come to £500 a time, about £350 for the tree and £150 for Kirklees to set up the lighting each year and connect it to a streetlight.  A live Christmas tree costs around the same but if it remains there each year we save £350 a year. Apart from all that we had a good time with the Thurstonland locals digging the hole and getting the first one planted planted. There's also one going in at Lascelles Hall so £700/year saving if all goes to plan.

Cllr Robert Barraclough with the trussed up new arrival
Tree planted with the workers (minus Phil who is shy)

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