Monday, 22 October 2012

PRESS RELEASE Greens come out against Shelley College proposals

The Greens support the Keep Shelley Pyramid campaign
 Proposals by the Head at Shelley College to extend provision down to years 7 and 8 have resulted in widespread concern from parents throughout the Shelley Pyramid and in the wider community. This has become possible since Shelley College attained Academy status allowing the Head to act without approval from the local council.

The Shelley College proposal if implemented would have a knock on effect throughout the local education system making Kirkburton and Scisset Middle Schools unviable with only one class year and putting huge pressure for places at First Schools which are already oversubscribed. The cost of building new classrooms and facilities would be placed on Kirklees Council’s already overstretched budget. There would also undoubtedly be significant new pressures on the road network around Shelley College, improvements to which would come at a cost.

Kirkburton Ward Councillor Robert Barraclough said,

“Both mine and my colleague Derek Hardcastle’s children went through the middle school system and it has worked well for them as it has for thousands of other children in our area.

Shelley College should abandon this proposal and seek to rebuild relationships with the First and Middle schools, working collaboratively to deliver a first class, stable educational environment for our children.”

Councillor Andrew Cooper who leads the Greens on Kirklees Council said,

“ It is unbelievable that a head teacher can put these sort of proposals forward with no accountability to democratically elected bodies like the Council. Just because Shelley College is at the top of the Shelley Pyramid does not give him the right to act like a Pharaoh. It shows a lack of respect for other schools and a scant disregard for the opinions of local people. I urge him to drop these proposals forthwith and recognise that he has overstepped the mark.

We strongly support the Save Shelley Pyramid campaign that is lead by local parents and would urge all other parties on Kirklees Council to do so also.”


  1. Well said! At last someone who understands the area making useful and sensible comments. I completely agree Andrew Cooper when he says Mc Nally has no respect for the middle & first schools. He also has in my opinion ,no respect for the parents & children he is employed to serve. This proposal is totally wrong for the children of this area, and if he had the first inkling of how this community works he would know that. When a headmaster becomes a business man first & foremost ,we are are all in trouble, our children are commodities to him. Bring this megalomaniac down in order to safeguard our children's futures.

    1. I have children who will eventually move up through this system and to be honest I welcome the consultation that is going to happen. I don't understand the parents who are supposedly "fighting for their children" being so reluctant to wait for all the facts to be presented both for and against and then making an informed decision at that point. This "angry mob" Daily Mail reader mentality is laughable. KSP have stated their aim is to stop the Consultation happening - why? Makes me wonder how much the middle school staff are fueling this after all Turkeys dont vote for christmas!

    2. I support KSP. I'm not a Daily mail Reader or part of an angry mob nor do I have any 3-tier v 2-tier bias. I do however know what I want for my children. I am very interested to hear what Shelley have to say but I don't have to support how they have gone about it.

  2. I agree you Derek and Robert have shown common sense and stand by the community. well done.

  3. to anonymous:
    people are up in arms for two very good reasons.
    1. The current system allows for the existence of some excellent small community schools. You will hopefully come to appreciate these. The middle schools save 10 year olds the trauma of moving from a 100 pupil school to a 2000 pupil school with pupils up to age 18 the head is trying to create
    2. Shelley college is not that good a school. It takes pupils from schools with outstanding ofsted status and only achieves a good score itself. This is because it is too big already and is way too regimented.
    Both central facts are well known to all parents who have experience of the schools

  4. To Mr or Mrs Anonymous (posted 22nd Oct 09:37),
    Your comments are both arrogant and completely miss the plot. This should not even go to consultation for the reasons clearly mentioned. If you read the KSP facebook forum of follow on twitter then perhaps you would understand the strength of feeling to reject the Shelley proposal as it is financially motivated. The three tier system works fantastically well. Pleased don't have a go at Middle School Staff who in my opinion have been completely professional in relation to the debates so far which is admirable considering the potential for possible redundancies or redeployment if the proposals get the go ahead...and no...I am not a Teacher and yes...I will also have children going through the system in future years...I want my children educated in a relatively small, nurturing environment that develops them to become well rounded, happy,educated individuals.