Friday, 5 October 2012

Casual Vacancies - Kirkburton Parish Council

Last Night 2 casual vacancies were filled for the Shepley Ward in Kirkburton Parish Council by Dave Bradbury and Robert Edmunds both of whom are residents of the village and both will sit as Independent Parish Councillors. Other Candidates who put themselves forward were Sandra Harling a former Parish Council employee, Neil Harris and former Conservative Parish Councillor for Shepley John Taylor.  Dave Bradbury as a stonemason by trade and is responsible for the guidestoops on the Kirkburton Parish Walks. Robert Edmunds narrowly missed out on being elected to the Parish in 2011 coming 4th. He works for the police in control room operations.

There had been some rumours that a by election would be called but fortunately this did not occur as it could have cost the Parish Council around £10,000 from it's meagre budget. As it was a co option a vote was taken of members present following short speeches by each of the 3 candidates who were able to attend the meeting, Messers Bradbury, Edmunds and Taylor. " seperate votes were taken by Parish Councillors for each of the vacant seats and the results were as follows

First Vacancy

Bradbury 11 - Elected
Edmunds 5
Harling 2
Harris 0
Taylor 3

Second Vacancy

Edmunds 17 - Elected
Harling 0
Harris 0
Taylor 4

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