Monday, 3 September 2012

Video CV's - New Initiative from Green Party Cllrs

One of the issues that has been raised with Green Party Councillors is the number of people who are trying to find work but are finding it difficult to get interviews or can’t find a way of making their job applications stand out amongst the many that land on employers desks.

Councillor Andrew Cooper said,

“We want to give people the best shot at getting into employment and I thought that if they can’t get an interview with an employer why not give them a video interview to help them show their abilities and personality and put it up on Youtube. By establishing a ‘Huddersfield Jobs’ You tube Channel employers will be able to look for potential employees and get additional information about them that they wouldn’t get from a simple CV. People looking for work will also be able to email a link to their Youtube Interview to local companies so they can get themselves, their character and their skills noticed. In this way we can help people get back into employment quicker.”

Andrew has identified some funding to support this project through the Huddersfield Area Committee and is working with council officers and Paddock Village Trust to get it up and running and off the ground. He said,

“I think this initiative has real potential. We have got to come up with fresh ways to use the new media to help get people into work. If we get this right I believe this idea could be taken up by other Councils and have national significance.”

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