Friday, 3 August 2012

Green Party Leadership Elections - Why I voted for Peter Cranie.

The Green Party leadership campaign is in full swing and we will soon be choosing the 2nd Leader (and Deputy Leader of the Green Party). Ballot papers are out and we'll know next month who will be the public face of the Green Party. In reality we are expecting Caroline Lucas as our sole Westminister representative to remain a  key 'go to Green' for the media, but our new Leader and Deputy will still have a significant profile and media role.

The contest has been pretty good humoured and the leadership candidates have all conducted themselves well through the process. Many activists have had an opportunity to form informed views of the candidates style and abilities. Politically there is very little between them even though some lay claim to 'unique' positions. In reality when you look at what they're saying their uniqueness is the language they use and the particular badges they choose to wear when seeking to attract a particular constituency of support.

The real differences between leadership candidates is in the tone that they use and in how accessible their approach will make them to the wider public. We should not appear to be so strident that we could almost be speaking a foreign language to many electors and even to many members of the the Green Party. As a Party we can be earnest, intelligent and worthy but if we appear to lack the common touch and a sense of humour we will fail to resonate with the wider electorate. Our strength is when we are down there with the people, standing shoulder to shoulder with them in difficult times and doing it with confidence and a smile, in the sure and certain knowledge that we are on the side of the angels. If you have gone through difficult times it gives your words an undeniable authenticity and from that you gain the natural authority that a Leader needs. It is this approach that will give us the confidence we need to give others hope, to show them another path which puts people and planet before the political establishment and profit.

The Green Party was originally called 'People' even before it was the 'Ecology Party'. We have got to show that we are the 'People's Party' because such a poltical force is so desperately needed . That is why I have voted for Peter Cranie.


  1. I have read through some of the information about the candidates, and based on personal knowledge of them. I will probably be voting for Pippa, vibrant, different, could stir things up, and not more of the same. I like her not left not right but forward. Richard Mallendar for deputy, decent bloke always willing to listen, an important attribute!

  2. Absolutely right , the Green Party has to show itself as being the "People's Party". I switched from Labour because it ceased to be and joined the GP becuse it is.

    As you indicate amongst other qualities ,the Leader ought to have a common touch, & a sense of humour to resonate with the wider public.

    I believe both Romayne and Peter project this. And though Romayne I believe offers more vigour , Peter too would make an excellent leader and will be my second choice.