Monday, 9 April 2012

Poster perils

Running for office?
 The Conservatives in Kirkburton have the misfortune of having some not very waterproof posters. They've got at least some of them up early and after a few days they're not looking too good following a little bit of rainy weather. I of course sympathise. A few years ago our wall paper paste wasn't thick enough and Green Party posters were soon flapping off boards and the Tories gleefully wrote 'Green Campaign comes unstuck' on their campaign literature along with a photo of a flapping poster.


  1. Perhaps they ought to have 'splashed out' on a more expensive print-job? Not like the local Conservatives to think about saving money... or is it just the local council tax payers' money that they like to wash down the drain on needless by-elections and suchlike?

  2. no need. The space above could be used for serious issues. Like are the green party objecting about bedroom tax? I don't want my older neighbours to be suffering if they have a spare room , they should be secure in their old age in their homes with their memories, friends,family and neighbours nearby.