Saturday, 3 March 2012


Seed potatoes very nearly a sell out except for........
............Kestrel seed potatoes - slug and customer resistant

The Seed Swap and Potato Day at Newsome Scout Hut was a tremendous success for the Growing Newsome gang. Nearly a thousand seed potatoes were sold for the bargain price of 10p each. There were around a dozen varieties covering the first early, second early and maincrop categories. The event started at 10.00am and by 1.00pm they we were down to around one variety of second earlies which didn't seem to sell for some strange reason. They were 'slug resistant' which I think people took to mean 'even the slugs won't eat these!' There were seeds to swap, homemade cakes, jams and chutneys to purchase, cut price fleece to protect plants from frost and I was outside helping flog our bargain £5 fruit trees as part of the Newsome Thousand Fruit Tree project. We shifted about 40 fruit trees and we were had more exotic fruits this year, including greengage, quince, plums, pears as well as eating and cooking apples. It was certainly buzzing in the morning and a good number of folks stayed on for lunch of baked potato and beans which sold out. The Stirley Farm crew were also busy that day planting around 15 fruit trees in their new orchard. All in all a cracking day

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